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Porch_Cafe added new event
This week The Porch is going to have Vegan Night, so our Friday Special is “ Vegetable Loaf” served with green beans, roast potato and pumpkin soup.
14.12.2018 17:30
The Porch, Haikou, China
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2 days ago
RCHaikou added new event
Dine in true Tuscan style at Terra this Christmas. Our dedicated culinary team brings a feast of Roasted Turkey, Lavish Fresh Seafood, Festive Desserts, as well as an extensive variety of all the traditional Christmas trimmings. Enjoy Free-flow Beverage, Live Music Entertainment, Special Lucky Draw …
24.12.2018 17:30
Terra at The Ritz-Carlton,Haikou,No.39 Yangshan Boulevard, Longhua District, Haikou, China
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7 days ago
Unclebob added 65 new photos to album Yongqing Temple
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7 days ago
Unclebob added 75 new photos to album Cosy Lake Zoo Park
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Unclebob added 75 new photos to album Baishamen Park
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Porch_Cafe added new event
Due to public demand, we are bringing back the " Beef Meat Loaf"  for our Friday Night Special at The Porch. Served with mashed potato and green beans.
07.12.2018 17:30
The Porch, Haikou City, China
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10 days ago
Unclebob commented on a blog post

As if I need lessons in how to behave, cheeky! Feet are fine now, just bought some new shoes today, in Mova. We'll have to see how they cope with many kilometres!

November 1stI gave Huan her yesterday’s choice today, over the bridge and into the countryside. My plan was to get one more “empty places” video today. I overdid myself and we got two of them and a pig video. The first empty place is not far from us, just
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RCHaikou added new event
  The Ritz-Carlton, Haikou is delighted to welcome Nicolas Isnard, One-Michelin Star Chef, to deliver a culinary indulgence at Tin Lung Heen from December 6th to December 8th. With the tradition and innovation in Chef Nicolas Isnard’s craft, we will delight the senses with a fusion of French and Can…
06.12.2018 11:30
Tin Lung Heen, The Ritz-Carlton, Haikou, No. 39 Yangshan Boulevard, Longhua District, Haikou, China, Haikou, China
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November 1stI gave Huan her yesterday’s choice today, over the bridge and into the countryside. My plan was to get one more “empty places” video today. I overdid myself and we got two of them and a pig video. The first empty place is not far from us, just
Unclebob 13 days ago 2 38

(Nov. 27, 2018) – The PGA of America has announced a multiyear partnership with China's Mission Hills Group and Pacific Pine Sports Group that will see the launch of three PGA Golf Academies in China. The partnership between the PGA of America—one of the
Mission_Hills_Haikou 29.11.2018 0 46

[Bangkok, Thailand, 23 November] Mission Hills Group in China has won Best Youth Development Program at the 2018 Sport Industry Awards (SPIA) Asia.  The Mission Hills Junior Golf Program, which has been helping to grow golf in China for more than 20 years,
Mission_Hills_Haikou 23.11.2018 0 94

Two-time NBA All-Star and three-time CBA Champion Stephon Marbury joined VIPs from NBA China and Mission Hills Group in Hainan to witness a ground-breaking ceremony for China's first "NBA Basketball School" at Mission Hills Haikou.    Ground breaking cere
Mission_Hills_Haikou 17.11.2018 0 134

Trying again, just had from Chrome "Oops, this page has failed to reload" and lost all. October 1stShopping and blog day. For some reason it took me ages to upload last month’s blog. At one stage I thought I had ‘too many characters’ so began trying to re
Unclebob 31.10.2018 0 46

Ju Ren Waterfall Hainan 居人瀑布  The Ju ren waterfall is 20 metres high, has a width of around 10 metres and the main pool covers an area of around 300 metres squared. The area has recently been under development, footpaths, viewing platforms and bridges h
Jake-canning 07.10.2018 0 166
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Baan Rim Nam at Anantara Thai restaurant Sanya
In the Anantara Resort Complex, Dadonghai Tourism District. 10 minutes within Dadong Beach. 20 minutes from Sanya Bay. 25-35 minutes from Yalong Bay
Sanya, Hainan
Phone: 0898-88885088
An excellent Thai restaurant that offers strikingly original takes on both standard and more obscure Siamese dishes, the Baan Rim Nam at Anantara Resort is an excellent example of creativity and tradi…
(4/5) based on 1 Reviews
1 persons recommended this
08.05.2018 · From Patrick
Chimac and Pub
Mission Hills Centreville
Haikou, Hainan
Phone: 0898-65521442
The Chimac is a bar & grill in Mission Hills Centreville Haikou, which can hold its own with the best. And the pricing is super reasonable. Scan the Qr code for the Wechat.
(4.7/5) based on 3 Reviews
3 persons recommended this
22.10.2018 · From Patrick
Porch Cafe
Haidian Dao
Haikou, Hainan
Phone: 66279646
Porch Cafe in Haidian Dao Island Haikou for home made cooking  
(4.5/5) based on 2 Reviews
2 persons recommended this
07.05.2018 · From Patrick
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¥1000 for 1 Box (12 bottles) For bulk buy, contact Layne please, 13637608178, or Wechat: LeiJin13637608178Available Selections:1) 2016 ShirazGRAPE VARIETYShirazREGIONSouth AustraliaCOLOURDeep redBOUQUETThere is dark berry or blackberry fruit but it is surrounded by lashing of roasted coffee, cedar, spice and chocolate.   2) Dream REGION 100% Clare Valley   COLOUR Dark Red/Black   BOUQUET Our first release of our Cabernet Malbec blend under the London Calling label, hits the mark with …
16.10.2017 From Layne_wine_sales
The origins of traditional Li Minority pottery (UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage) date back thousands of years, it's a skill that has been passed down through the generations from mother to daughter. Only women make traditional Li pottery. Each pot is hand made and completely unique. They are decorated with images of Li deities, lucky animals and ornamental symbols. Sap from a local tree is boiled, reduced and splashed over the pot before firing to bring good luck. Only a small number of Li …
02.09.2017 From Traditional_Li_Pottery
Our Chinese coffees are specialty grade and available in light, medium, and dark roasts as well as our signature Espresso Blend. We offer whole bean, ground, or green coffee for those who like to roast their own.  We also offer pour-over singles that are great for traveling.  To see these options and everything else we offer please see our WeChat store. For a discounted price please contact Chris (高可立)at 18689935087 (English or Chinese). You can also contact me via the tropicalhainan.com forum …
14.08.2017 From Hani_Hainan