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Riding Hainan #2

As I posted earlier my wife and I like to pick places in Hanan to ride to on our breaks by motorcycle and the last holiday we had we went to a national park in the south of Hanan called Jian Feng Ling  and it was amazing just beautiful and I wanted to share my find with you guys so you could also visit. Words couldn't describe this park out hotel was on the top of a mountain on the edge of a lake and they had many hiking trails some safe and clear others more rugged and unmarked. They was plenty of waterfalls and look out areas we even found a waterfall with a deeper base that we jumped in and went for a swim it was great. I'll add pictures when I can. 

David Sawallisch

Hi David,

Nice post! 

Best / easiest way to add photos ... 

1) upload photos to your album, name the photos and album use chrome browser

2) open your blog in chrome, in a different window ....

3) drag and drop, ..... easy peesy ...


I'd also suggest that if you are going to post regularly, open a blog not the forum, up to you but blogs are easier to follow. Also, click subscribe to your own blogposts that way you will get automatic notifications when someone responds




P.S. collecting my own bike from repair shop today :)