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Moving to Haikou, a few questions!

Hello everybody! If all goes to plan I'll be moving to Haikou in the summer to teach at Hainan Medical University and I'm pretty excited at this relocation after 4 years in Guangdong. I don't really know much about the city or island and would love to know a bit more in preparation before I move. I thought it would be best to stick most of my questions in here but I may ask more specific questions in other threads. 


Do you actively prepare for typhoons? How do you prepare for them? Is there somewhere you can monitor them and get early notice? 

How's the beaches in or near Haikou? Any you would recommend? 

Can you get 20MB (or faster) internet service? Any recommendations/prices? 

Is 1,800 RMB a month decent enough to get a 1 bedroom flat or a nice studio, and cover housing bills too? I would like to be close to the school for convenience purposes. Are there any areas you would recommend? 

Which area of Haikou City is considered 'downtown'? 

Is there much of an expat community in Haikou? Is there much of a language/culture exchange community?


Anyway, I think that's enough for me right now! Thanks in advance, I hope I will bump into you guys in the near future! 

Hi Mark, not sure I'm going to be able to answer all of these but I can give you some pointers.

Typhoons come through a number of times a year, usually they get stronger at the end of the season. You'll get plenty of notice and can usually track them for a day or two before they hit.  Here are 2 good sites.

Most popular beach in Haikou is Holiday beach, there are some nice beaches on the west coast of Haikou and east coast, i.e. Guilin Yang

Internet speed has gotten faster over the last few years, they now have fibre optics, I have 50MB ...... haven't done a speed test I doubt it's even half that but it's good enough for streaming. No idea about the housing, but I'd say Haidian Dao Island is the most popular expat area .....




Hi Mark you might pay 1800 - 2500RMB  for a bedroom flat. The downtown in Haikou  is in Guo Mao close to Evergreen Park. There's some language exchange activities every now and then in the city.

Thank you guys for the responses! The university I am going to teach at is in the south of the City so I think Hadian Dao Island may be too far away for a commute. I've been looking online at places in the Jin Yi residential area and I've been using + google translate to look around but it seems that every liveable apartment in my price range is only looking for female tenants! Ha... anyway it's given me some food for thought! 


Also, 50 MB internet speeds surprised.... I've been on 4MB (coming through normally at 2MB) for the last 4 years. 



4MB That's just downright depressing frown

Yes, it is. It's really bad. The university I've been teaching at this last 4 years had some bargain deal sorted out with China Unicom which blocks any other provider from being able to get in o provide better services. The thought of getting anything even remotely near 20 mb makes me feel better :D

Hey Mark

I have a couple friends who are working over at the medical uni. One lives in my complex which is 亚洲豪苑 (YaZhouHaoYuan) or even 四季华康(SiJiHuaKang) it is about a 15-20 min walk to the university. You should also consider looking around 吾说广场 (WuYueGuangChang) This is a very huge shopping mall they have just built across from the street from the school. 

Zack, thank you very much! I've been trying to get an idea of the location from Google Maps but it was quite difficult to work out what's around the school. I guessed it was something under construction and I reckon the Google Maps for China haven't been updated in a while :D I will be leaving Guangzhou at the end of June and I'll head straight to Hainan, I plan to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights, wonder around and find an appropriate area to rent in. I'll definitely check both areas out! What is your complex like and if you don't mind me asking how much do you pay for it? (Feel free not to answer, I won't take offence :) ) 


Cheers, mate and have a good weekend! 


My complex is very nice has a pool, decent security, bike parking and pretty good internet. I will say like once or twice a year the power or water goes out for the whole complex unexpectedly but other than that they will give you written warning if water or power will be out while they work on it.  I pay 2500 a month but that is a 2 bedroom. I know you can find a one bedroom between 1700-2000. An as for any apartment hunt you got the good rentals that the landlord cares about and some that are like a bed on the floor be cause they can make an easy dime. There are rental places in front so pretty easy to get a look around. If you need any help or just wanna meet some people when you get here add me on wechat Zach_Attack

Thanks for the information, Zach and I will definitely add you to Wechat closer to when I head over! Cheers! 

Hello Mark, this is a bit irrelevant. Actually I want to apply to Hainan Medical University but I don't have there email address. All the emails mentioned in Hainan Medical University Official website are invalid or not responding. Can you give the gmail or othere email address on which I can contact with them.

Hi Mark, 

I'll second that.... if you can provide a working email that would be great!




Hi there, sorry I can't really help. I went through an agency and beyond a phone interview with the FAO I've had no direct contact with them. That will change pretty soon, heading to Haikou in 2 weeks, but as far as I'm aware they only had one vacancy and I snapped it up.