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5 Classroom management considerations

5 things to remember to help with Classroom management



Classroom management is a big one for us at ESL-corner and having a good level of classroom management, can really benefit your students and you! Students will be learning in an effective learning environment and it also makes your job easier.


It can be easy to get frustrated at times, and we sometimes forget that theres always a reason behind a student not performing well or misbehaving, take a look at the 5 points below and see if you can take anything from them today.


1. Is what you're teaching too difficult or too easy?


- Its easy to switch off and start doing something else, when you dont understand something or its something youve done many times before and its no longer stimulating for the students  


Get confirmation from individual students, review content and challenge students who are finding it easier


2. Are your students comfortable?


- Is the classroom at a good temperature? Is the sun beating down on their faces? Is the classroom furniture comfortable? Have they just finished running outside and now a little sweaty from the activity?


Make the classroom a comfortable learning environment


3. What's distracting them?


- Is there a fly buzzing around the classroom? What is in their line of sight? Has their friend sitting next to them, got a cool new pencil case?


Remove distractions,especially those in line of sight of the students


4. Problems at home?


- Is there anything going on at home distracting the student? Family member passed away or Ill? Were they shouted at this morning for getting up late by a parent rushing to work? Didnt want to come to school for whatever reason?


Communicate with parents, teaching assistants and your students (privately in breaks or before/after school)





5. What is the students incentive to learn?


- Is there a reward system in place? Do the students understand the benefits of learning this particular subject and where it can lead them? What is their motivation? Ill get onto more reward systems that work in the classroom in future posts


Have a reward system in place. Remind students the benefits of learning


Look forward to our next post about using a reward system in the classroom




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