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November 1stI gave Huan her yesterday’s choice today, over the bridge and into the countryside. My plan was to get one more “empty places” video today. I overdid myself and we got two of them and a pig video. The first empty place is not far from us, just
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(Nov. 27, 2018) – The PGA of America has announced a multiyear partnership with China's Mission Hills Group and Pacific Pine Sports Group that will see the launch of three PGA Golf Academies in China. The partnership between the PGA of America—one of the
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[Bangkok, Thailand, 23 November] Mission Hills Group in China has won Best Youth Development Program at the 2018 Sport Industry Awards (SPIA) Asia.  The Mission Hills Junior Golf Program, which has been helping to grow golf in China for more than 20 years,
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Two-time NBA All-Star and three-time CBA Champion Stephon Marbury joined VIPs from NBA China and Mission Hills Group in Hainan to witness a ground-breaking ceremony for China's first "NBA Basketball School" at Mission Hills Haikou.    Ground breaking cere
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Trying again, just had from Chrome "Oops, this page has failed to reload" and lost all. October 1stShopping and blog day. For some reason it took me ages to upload last month’s blog. At one stage I thought I had ‘too many characters’ so began trying to re
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Ju Ren Waterfall Hainan 居人瀑布  The Ju ren waterfall is 20 metres high, has a width of around 10 metres and the main pool covers an area of around 300 metres squared. The area has recently been under development, footpaths, viewing platforms and bridges h
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 "Time to remember, the kind of September. . .” I was idly thinking about September songs today, as you do, and I thought the best one for us would be “It might as well rain until September.” That’s based on the weather we had in August. Can you think of a
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Travel agents, policies and contact details for Hainan visa free travellers. Hainan's 59 countries visa-free policy has been implemented since May 1st 2018. Approved by the State Council since May 1st 2018, the duration of stay for visa-free entry travel
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Here we go then, let’s hope for some better weather and some more beasties and plant life.   August 1st Not new beasties today. Do you remember the insect I thought was dead? That one may have been but on the other side of the house I found these two this
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Yeah, last day of my trip with these two guys. We watched the World Cup yesterday, so we all got up a little late. Considering that we were leaving the hotel today, we had to pack everything. After Ye drove away, I found my slippers were left. I should hav
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