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Xiaomi 6 Camera Phone review

I haven't had a mobile phone for the past 4 months! My IPhone broke and I kind of just got used to living without it, I would use my Ipad in WIFI zones, so I wasn't completely off the grid. These days I've been getting busier and busier and I needed a new phone, to contact clients or discuss projects with staff. So what should I get? I didn't want to spend much, I wanted something that could shoot good photos and video and something with a lot of memory.

After searching on the internet I came across the Xiaomi 6 and within minutes I was typing in 'Xiaomi 6 sample images' and 'Xiaomi 6 camera is it good?' within a few reviews I had made up my mind and decided to shell out the 3,000 yuan for the Xiaomi 6 6GB RAM 128GB hard drive 

I took it away on a trip this weekend and gave the camera a good test and this is what it produced... 


I'm not going to go into technical details, but I will share this link if you're interested in learning more about it. Overall I'm extremely happy with it and it means that I don't need to take the camera bag out with me and multiple lenses, just to try and get some good photos. I would recommend it to just about anyone that likes taking photos and would put it into strong consideration when buying a new phone.

Full spec

Obviously you need to know a thing or two about photography to get good results and the camera is not going to do it all for you. I would recommend doing some research into, lighting and composition to get you going.

Here is a previous post I have written to help people with their street photography


If you like taking photos, need a new phone and want something quick and easy to use that can deliver good results, then I would definitely recommend the Xiaomi 6 to you.

You can see more of my work here

Instagram @jake_canning 


Many thanks! 

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  •  Patrick: 

    Hi Jake, great post... I'm impressed with the results and for RMB 3,000 it's a really great phone. I have a Samsung S6 which cost nearly twice the price (which I think is also a great phone .... most of the time) but when it comes time to change I think I'll really have to consider whether or not the extras I get with the Samsung are worth the extra 3K...

    The Samsung is definitely better in low light conditions but I don't do a lot of night time shooting anyway, and if I want a really pro shot after dark I'll take my canon ..... 

    Definitely food for thought ...

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