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How and where to go windsurfing in Haikou

Are you in Haikou and looking for a new hobby or another excuse to go to the beach?  How about going down to West Coast beach and trying out windsurfing; one of the fastest growing sports in China. 

You already windsurf?  No problem; West Coast beach is home to China's professional Windsurfing and Sailing teams so if you're going to play you might as well play where the pros do, right? 

Benefits of windsurfing:

Windsurfing is a fun, challenging, and rewarding sport for anyone looking to get out from behind the TV and outside with nature.  Not only is Windsurfing a fun sport, it's also a great form of exercise strengthening your entire body, improving your balance, and killing your core; perfect for those who want to work out but hate working out. 

Windsurfing Haikou

Windsurfing instructors:

It's been a while since the last time I windsurfed so last weekend I took some of my students/friends from my fitness studio down to to see my old coach named 大鸟 (Big Bird), who has more then 4 years experience, at 玩海人帆船帆板俱乐部 (Hainan Sailing and Windsurfing Club) down at West Coast Beach to get on the water and play.  玩海人帆船帆板俱乐部 has been operating for more then 10 years and is the place to go in Haikou if you're looking to windsurf, especially if you're new as they have everything you need to get started, including rentals and coaching. 

Windsurfing Haikou

How much does it cost and what do I get:

The club offers coaching and rentals for 3 different sports; Windsurfing, Op Sailing, and Catamaran.  Prices are: Windsurfing 230 RMB/1 Class (2 hours) or 1,800/10 Classes (20 hours); OP sailing 300/1 Class (2 Hours) or 2600/10 Classes (20 hours); Catamaran 380/1 class (1 Hour).  These prices include rentals, coaching, life jackets, and skin suits for those who want to protect their skin from the sun; everything you need.  The only requirement being the ability to swim; or at least no fear of water as you are provided with a life jacket; just let your coach know your history with swimming.  if you don't want a coach, you also have the choice for equipment rental only as well; although, if this is your first time it is highly recommended that you get a coach as you will probably just be wasting your money if you don't. 

Windsurfing Haikou

Windsurfing classes:

As mentioned, each class is approximately two hours.  Your first lesson will start with some teaching and practice on dry land before you go out on the water.  This will teach you the basic parts of the equipment, foot placement, hand placement, how to start from the water, basic maneuvering, etc.  Once it's shown that you have a basic understanding its off to the water where the remainder of the class and practice will take place.  If you're still not getting it you may go back to the beach for further teaching but most people can fair pretty well on the water just fine.  One of the hardest things you will need to conquer at first is balance, and foot strength.  Expect to get some foot cramps when you first start as this will probably be your limiting factor your first few sessions.  Other then that, starting is relatively easy as long as your expectations aren't too high (Don't have the misconception that you will be flying around and jumping waves the first day). 

Windsurfing Haikou

My own experience:

This last trip, I took 5 others who tried for their first time and they were all successful at getting up and cruising around (at low speed) around the coast.  I choose to just rent a board as I had taken the 10 coached classes months before and I felt that I would be able to just play fine without a coach, which I was able to.  One of the good things about windsurfing is that you can go anytime of the year; rain or shine for die hard fans.  However, once you reach a certain level you will want to go when there is more wind and unless you are a daredevil who wants to go out during a typhoon (This is only for professionals and is in no way suggesting this), the best time to go windsurfing in Haikou is during the late Fall and Winter months when the wind speed picks up.  Whatever time you go decide to go down, expect to have a peaceful time at the beach as this part of the beach is generally less crowded then Holiday beach. 

Windsurfing Haikou

If the wind is down you can just throw out a towel, relax, and get a little sun (we all know the importance of vitamin D).  I would recommend going down in the late afternoon so that the temperature is cooler and after a couple hours on the water you can enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets Haikou has to offer.  I have really enjoyed all the times I have gone windsurfing and plan on playing more in the future and I hope to see some more of you out on the water with me next time enjoying this fun and challenging sport.  One last thing, you will either need to have achieved a minimal level of Chinese (body parts, direction, etc) or a friend who can translate as none of the instructors speak English.  Other then that, 玩海人帆船帆板俱乐部 (Hainan Sailing and Windsurfing Club) has all you need to get you started Windsurfing and Sailing today.

Contact Information

Phone: 大鸟(Big Bird) 18189852696

Address: 海口市西秀海滩玩海人帆船帆板俱乐部



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