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What's in a Diet?

This will be a quick post  today.  As a Strength and Conditioning Coach, I am often asked about nutrition advice.  These questions range from what I should eat to how much to what diet is best.  I'm not a certified nutritionist but I can generally guide people to eat the right choices and I always help my clients lose weight (those who want) through exercise and change in their daily habits.  Today we live in an age where there are new diets (some fad and some legit) every day.  Some of the more popular ones now; Paleo, Keto, South Beach, Intermittent Fasting, and the list goes on.  While some diets are low crab/high fat, no carb/high fat, high crab/low fat, and everything in between; if we stop and look at them all we will find one common denominator.  In order to lose weight all these diets put you into a caloric deficit.  Losing weight is pretty simple, all you need to do is calculate your daily caloric needs and then make sure that by the end of the day you have eaten less then that number.  Now, it gets a little more complicated with counting calories and finding your caloric need which I will touch on later, but for now, don't let dieting get too complicated.  The truth is peoples bodies and lifestyles are more suitable for different diets.  You need to experiment and find one that fits your needs.  There is no right or wrong diet if it works for you, as long as you are in a caloric deficit you will lose weight; There are cases where in individuals lost weight strictly eating only McDonalds (i.e. 37 pounds in 3 months, 57 pounds in 6 months) by counting calories and remaining deficit.   Bottom line...don't make weight loss complicated.  Stay tuned for more in depth look at weight loss or feel free to add my we chat or stop by my gym.  Stay Strong

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