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Stricter ebike laws to be enforced from this week in Haikou

Short post this one... from this week ebike laws are to be more strictly enforced. 

Violation of the regulations will result in the bike being confiscated and taken to Che Hwun, Meilan District, Lingshan Town and offenders will have to sit through re-education classes "in Chinese" to have it returned.

Traffic police will be out in force from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm enforcing the laws.

So what are the laws? major violations include but are not limited to

1) Not wearing a helmet

2) Don't drive against the flow of traffic

3) Bikes that are overloaded will be confiscated

4) Don't run a red light. 

E- bikes in Haikou are a major nuissance especially in certain areas where they drive on the footpaths and whizz past at high speeds. They are virtually silent and pose a significant risk to pedestrians.

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