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Invasion of the gastropods!


Well my next post was going to be about bokashi however an unforeseen nuisance has forced my hand into making a brief posting about something else, slugs and snails. Over the last few days I’ve witnessed the majority of the newly emerging leaves of my spinach beet plants being stripped to their stalks by these little blighters. See below:



 Here what it should look like:



 I say blighters, I live on the third floor therefore I believe this may well be the actions of one individual, a returning fox, so to speak. I’ve already done the obvious; look around under the plant bed, under pots, around balcony edges etc. No joy there. Placing spent coffee around your plants is supposed to act as a deterrent but so far this has proven ineffective so it’s time to set up a time-honoured gardener’s favourite, the beer trap!



Actually, it’s a lot less exciting than it sounds. Simply fill a saucer with flat beer and place it near your plants. The invading gastropods, unable to resist the alcoholic allure, will get tipsy, fall into the saucer and drown. There’s worse ways to go I guess though long term, I’d like to use a more humane, less messy method of pest control. This week I will order some copper tape and place it around the edges of my plant box. Should any slugs or snails try to cross over it they will be repelled by a small electric shock. I will probably buy from the Taobao seller below:



Till next time. 

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  •  Tintin: 

    Was thinking it could be caterpillars though usually when its them there's more than one and you can find them pretty easily on the plants. As it is can't find anything. 

    Beer used was Tsingtao. Apparently they do prefer a dark ale. Sensible creatures :)

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  •  Peter: 

    Just a thought ..... as you're from the UK, I'm guessing your first thought would turn to snails as they're probably the biggest culprits, but could it be catapillars or perhaps something even more exotic. If they return every night then they can't be very far away, especially as your'e on the third floor?

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  •  Jake-canning: 

    Cool idea on the electric fence and a shame about the beer.. just out of interest what brand of beer did you sacrifice?

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  •  Patrick: 

    I'm in shock, literally .... I had no idea that you could actually buy the equivalent of an electric fence for cows, for your minature munchers ..... cant wait for the next electric episode :)

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