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How to get Cheaper Golf Course Fees in Hainan

Golf is a great walk, spoiled.  I can't remember who said it, but golf in Hainan doesn't fit that mould.  Hainan, with its tropical climate and palm trees, will allow you to enjoy some fantastic golfing scenery, even if you happen to have a bad day on the course.

A view from the beautiful, Mission Hills Haikou Golf Resort

However, it has been brought to my attention, that most golfing establishments that reside on the island, do not advertise their prices online.  Golf in Hainan is cheap, when compared to mainland courses, but just how cheap?

Now if you were to phone the courses directly and ask for a price over the phone, you will be quoted anywhere from 800-3500 RMB.  Now I can imagine you thinking "Oi, Dave, you said it was cheap to play golf in Hainan, what's going on!?"  Hold your horses ladies and gentlemen.  I said it was cheaper than mainland, not that it was cheap.  But I can now officially say, that there is a way to obtain cheaper course fees, in a way that I never thought possible before.

There is an agency called "MeiChen Golf, of whom I imagine have cooperated with every course on the island.  They guys can get you cheaper green fee rates.  How much cheaper you ask?  Well I've seen prices discounted by 2000 RMB!  Now that's quite a saving, I think you will all agree.

To contact MeiChen Golf, it is best to call their hotlines.  It's also a good idea to have someone on hand who speaks Chinese, as they are a local company and tend to cater for Chinese players.  Their contact numbers are (+86)4006001389 or (+86)13036006688.

I have compiled a list of a few courses in Hainan, along with their prices from this agency.

The prices are based on Weekend Rates for 18 holes of golf.  Weekdays will more than likely be cheaper.  They are also based on Summer rates.  Winter rates will more than likely be more expensive.  None of the prices below include a caddy tip, which is "discretionary", yet 100 RMB is the general rule of thumb!

These prices are accurate as of Summer 2017, but are subject to change at any time.  Please feel free to contact MeiChen Golf for the most up to date price and bookings.

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  •  Patrick: 

    I was curious about this quote, so i did a bit of digging ..... it has been attributed to both Mark Twain and Winston Churchill, both it seems are incorrect, here's what I've found ...

    It was not Mark Twain, as is often cited. The earliest reference to Mark Twain making this joke is in The Saturday Evening Post in 1948, almost 40 years after he died. The novelist Harry Leon Wilson used the quip in 1904 and published it in a novel called The Boss Of Little Arcady in 1905, by which time he had expanded the jape a little, so the published gag was:

    “This new game of golf that the summer folks play seems to have too much walking for a good game and just enough game to spoil a good walk.”


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  •  Josh: 

    Great post, Dave!

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  •  Davetottmangolf: 

    Thanks Patrick, tried to put a blend of quality courses v.s. the affordable to give everyone an option to play

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  •  Patrick: 

    Now that's information worth knowing! When it comes down to it you can't beat local experience. Great information Dave, thanks for posting!

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