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Haikou tropical wildlife park and botanical garden

The Hainan tropical wildlife park


The Hainan tropical wildlife park is situated around 20-35km from the city, depending on where you are travelling from, 20km from around Haikou east railway station and 35km from Green park. Now, I'm not a huge fan of zoo's but I was fairly impressed with the tropical wildlife park, not every animal is in shall we say in "perfect" condition but it is a zoo and I feel they do a fairly decent job, compared to other zoo's I've been to around the world. With that being said, I went to the zoo to test out a new lens for my camera, I had been dying to get out of the house and take some photos of animals for a while, so it was off to the tropical wildlife park.


How to get there?

Bus number 2 goes to the zoo and you can catch this from green park and will cost 20 yuan, and take 2 hours. (I didn't take the bus and sourced this information from baidu, if the price has changed or the time taken isn't correct, my apologies, please let me know and I will change the article) Bus number 2 also stops at Haikou east railway station

Taxi from Haikou east train station costs around 100 yuan (I took a cab)

How much is a ticket?

A ticket will cost 128 yuan and discounted tickets according to the sign below are 64 yuan,(still not quite sure how to get this one)

Tickets for children under 1.2M are free and 1.2M-1.4M half price

What's at the park?

There are two parts to the park, one you walk around and two you will either need to go by car or by the bus provided by the park, (please see timetable below for bus times). Reason you need transport as it's dangerous on foot you will be going through a bear and lion pen.

- Clean bathrooms
- Restaurant
- Snack area (with shade, great if you take your own picnic)
- Snack shops, with cold drinks and small snacks
- Gift shop
- Free shuttle bus for going around the enclosure


Bus timetable for free tour



A tip for when getting the bus... get to the back and get the window seat, great for taking photos out of, just watch out for the lions!



You can feed this hippo, don't get too close though, his breath stinks! It was like a warm fetid air punch to the face



They even  give you this handy GPS tracker, to show where you are in the park. give you information and there's also an SOS call button just incase you fall into the gator pit! 


Please take photo's of the turkey, been stuck in a pen of peacocks, he doesn't get much attention. I personally believe he's in there to make the peacocks look better, but that's just me.


You can feed this Elephant sugar cane, he loves it

I was ecpecting Richard attenborough to jump out of the bushes next


I spent a total of around 4 hours in the zoo taking photos and moved at a relatively slow pace, for a good day out I would say take 3-4 hours and with kids 4+ hours  as there is quite a lot of things there for kids to do, riding animals, feeding animals etc.

That's all from me today. If you need a little more help in finding the zoo, feel free to drop a message below

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