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Fish market, Haikou


This was originally going to be a forum post although, I think it is better suited to the Tropical Hainan photo corner, purely because of the amount of photo opportunities that are available here.

In this post you will see one of Haikous fish markets 板桥路 Ban Qiao Lu , the only difference in this one is that you can have whatever you have bought at the market cooked on site and it’s not just fish, there’s something for everyone here, there is fish, meat and vegetables all of which can be cooked at the local restaurants surrounding the market.



If you fancy a short walk through one of Haikous older communities to see some real Chinese life in action, check out the bottom of the page for directions on a short walk I recommend.





Taking photos here was easier than most places, the photos below by all means are not award winners nor some of my best shots, I have taken them purely to illustrate what’s on offer at the fish market and what you can take within 10 minutes of walking around. The people here, were really camera friendly and didn’t mind me taking photos, so if you want to get some photos of a Chinese market I would recommend Banqiao road.






So where is it exactly?

Here, I have included 3 maps showing you the location and If you download the PDF document at the bottom of the page you will also get the directions you can give to the taxi driver.

Here you can see, it’s within walking distance of Haikou old town 骑楼老街 Qi Lou Lao Jie so after a day of walking through old town taking photos, the fish market is a great place to go for food.




Best time to go


 I would recommend going around 5pm I have no been on 3 separate occasions and found it gets busier around 7pm, if you don’t mind busier then go later, going later will take a little longer to get served as the kitchens are small and easy restaurant probably has seating for around 100-250 people. Some tables can hold 20+ which is good for large groups 


                                 5pm                                                                                                   7pm   


Market prices

People usually buy from the market in half pound sizes or pound sizes so I'll give some prices for food at 1lb

1lb shrimp 35/45 or 100 yuan for the big ones pictured

oysters 2.5/ 3.5 yuan each

Various other shells around 1 yuan each

small shells and snails range from around 5yuan a pound to around 35 yuan a pound at the most

Crab at the lowest if I can remember correctly around 35 yuan a pound

Vegetables, huge bag of anything you want for probably less than 20 yuan

large tray of salmon 45 yuan

The prices are just a rough guide and some sellers maybe different from others, walking around the market I didn't feel as if I was being cheated at all




Price of cooking

When you arrive at the restaurant you will also need to pay the price for it to be cooked which is also fairly cheap

Large shells will cost around 2 yuan each to be cooked

Shrimp 1 lb for 9 yuan

Smaller shells around 1 yuan extra each

as above it's a rough guide to go off. If you have any extra details regarding pricing that would benefit the article, please feel free to drop it in the comments below.




Fancy a stroll afterwards then check out this route

This may not be the most exciting route for someone that has lived in China for a long period of time but I would certainly recommend it to any newcomers wanting to get an inside view into Chinese life. The route will take you through a small Chinese community that is bursting with life. One afternoon stroll through gave me these photos.




Like I said earlier, no award winners in here but it gives you an idea of what to expect and what I think is a cool place to go shoot a Chinese market and street life. Being so close to the old town it gives you two locations to shoot in one day.

As always with my posts feel free to contact me if you need any help with directions, photography or anything Hainan related. Below in the download section I have included a language guide that has some simple sentences translated that may help you at the fish market. Forgive my Chinese, although I think it's good enough to get you by in the market  

Before you arrive at the market, check out my blog on 'ten tips for better street photos'




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