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Father and son fishing along the Nandu river, Haikou


Todays fishing location



Today I took a ride down the Nandu river in the hopes of spotting some interesting subjects to photograph over the dragon boat festival. Around 10km from the most southern part of Haikou (where I live) lies a dam across Nandu river, the dam is approximately a 100m long and is hot spot for the local fishermen. Today I bumped into this father and son, who were net fishing.




          Father and son preparing the net                                             Preparing the heavy net in hand                                              Walking into the waves


With these images, I really wanted to capture that father son moment and also a sense of how powerful the water was on the day



Father fishing while the son is standing safely on hard standing by the fish bucket


Time to change locations.... no luck yet




You can get a real sense of the weight of the net by looking at the swing the father has to take and after each swing trying not to fall into the water


Caught anything yet?

Time for one more location


...and after a few more casts with have some fish


Not a bad days fishing, time to pack up the net and go home


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